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We have put some swimmers for a fishingnet on to our dinghyline, so it is not possible, that the line can foul the main-propeller
Unsere Dinghy-Vorleine haben wir mit Schwimmern für Netze versehen, so dass die Vorleine, falls wir mal das Dinghy schleppen) nicht in die Schraube der Hauptmaschine geraten kann

Costs ca. 5 Euro
Kosten bei Fischereibedarf => keine 5 Euro

If the boat lies in a swell the doors will rattle => these little pads will keep it quite

PIR-Alarmdevice => We normally leave the hatch open, but if somebody enters the cockpit it sounds Alarm

Because I think the easiest way to breake into the boat is the hatch we got an entrance-security-bar

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Because the tiny holes in the standard-hatch are not enough ventilation for us we let Ben carve out some holes in a bord similar to the standardhatchboard

Because others think the easiest way to breake into a boat are the windowhandles I manufactured a hatch-handle-lock

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