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Handpressomachine => makes good Espresso!
Handpressomaschine => macht lt. Dagmar sehr guten Espresso!

Babywipes for a quick refresh
Für die Katzenwäsche zwischendurch haben sich Babytücher bewährt

Against Moskitos we use OFF (even the deep woods-version) Moskitocoils are ok, but in windy situations useless
Gegen Moskitos enthält Off DEET (alles andere hilft u.E. nicht), gibt es auch in extrastark (Moskitocoils nutzen wir zwar auch, aber ich bin kein Freund davon => wirken eher psychologisch bei Wind und verräuchern alles)

If you want to drill stainless-steel use cobaldrills
Kobaltbohrer für Metallbearbeitung

The most used tool onboard "Biteaway". You apply the little metalpiece on the downside onto your stich and heat it up fo several seconds => the pain / itchy dies away and it will not become swollen

I wear my contactlenses only while sleeping (so I do not have problems with dry eyes or diving or getting a wave in the face which takes my lenses away) => they form the eyeball and I can see properly for up to 36 hours => Ortho-K-Lenses (Nachtlinsen)

No I do not use Lanolin as a hairconditoner, but we use pure Lanolin as a good grease quite often

The only chocolate that does not melt

Diapers for getting oil out of the motorbildge (we never had to use it)

These clips seal everything airtight, so the moisture is kept out (jummy cockies from leader-price)

Dynamo-Torch (recently broken)

To avoid big bottles and glasbottles in the kitchen we take these UV-resistant plastic-bottles we found in an spanish pharmacie

I sprayed liquid plastic on the cooking-gas-bottles, so they do not rust (works until now!)
(I did the same with our kerosinelamp => not a good idea => kerosine eats this plastic!)

Dagmar filled in these containers flour, noodles and so one to keep thee bugs out (The can easely eat their way into a big plasticfoil, but not in these containers)

Good to get a good taste into your water (not too sweet and not sour!)
What we do not like:
The anchorolina stores 40m of Belt very neatly, but because I can not winch the belt in under load we rarely use it.

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