Jointseal replacement - "Wellenstopfbuchse" austauschen

How to relace a jointseal on the propellershaft behind the gearbox on an Ovni 395

Wellenstopfbuchse austauschen auf der Propellerwelle

Not as easy as the Volvo-Manual is putting it.
I used standard metric tools and because of the power requiered I had to get a tube as a longer arm for my allenkeys.
A job for 2 persons (or one who knows the job really good!)
Maybe 3h.

From starboard no real access, but helping was sometimes doable.

To remove the old holders was not easy. They used Hosecupplings last time (I learned why later => it is not easy to get the new sparepart in place and connect it. If you have small, but very long and strong arms it would be good (never saw such a person)!

I marked with an edding the directions (helpful!)

Watch out for the key. It seems to be quadratic but it is rectengular!!! So the whole thing reassembly only in one way (Took me half an hour to find this out!)!

This is how far you have to pull the shaft out (was ok for me, but too hard for my wife). Getting the sealjoint on the shaft is easy.

Leave space for the waterlubrification while pushing the shaft in again.

I needed these two compartments for reassembling

I worked with one hand behind the hose, while the second worked in front of the hose (not much space).

That´s how it looks working inside (not too much fun), it was not possible to see and work but to feel the way ...! Again long arms are a plus (and patience)!, © Dagmar und Christian Sahr,