Yanmar 4JH4E: Impeller - change - austauschen

How to replace an impeller raw-water-pump

Impellerwechsel für die Salzwasserpumpe
The Yanmar-manual is not very precise in the details we would have needed!
I hope the hints below will help a firsttimer:

Bad! Despite there is a visible thread on the impeller, this thing is only possible to get out straigt, it just sits on a structured shaft. I removed it easily with a plier, no special tools requiered.

To get the new (lubricated!) impeller into the housing I use cableties to get it into the right shape.

Grease the sealjoint and replace screw everything together, then inspect after an hour running the engine

Impeller: Yanmar Parts-Nr.129670-42531 for the
Sealjoint: Yanmar 202 6LP-Dt 72088 Parts-Nr.19773-42570

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