Taitonga - Android-Apps, e.g. Communication

"Dagmar is our Chief-Communication-Officer"
Christian ..... (this means: I do not have a clou !)

Android Apps we use often

  • PocketGrib PocketGrib lite is for free but only displays 2 days - we bought the full version after testing to display .
    I like the additional graph and the table-displays to get an quick overview!
    (on the Laptops we use zygrib (free) which is a very good programm, but not available on android and it does not contain the additional graph-table-views, yet)
  • HF Weather Fax for receiving WeatherCharts via SSB (Audio)
  • openCPN (free, depending which download you use - there are (were?) two similar downloads and one wants money) we use this with KAP-files (google-satellite-chartlets)
  • openCPN Add-ons (free)
  • Tides Imray (that is the only one we liked, but for Tides we use "wxtide32" on windows and "Tiderechner (legacy)" on Linux ...; and we use the Tuamotu-Guestimator from http://svsoggypaws.com/files/index.htm)
  • Interval timer for the 15-20minute reminder-signal on passages

  • mobileVOIP call home for small runing costs, easy [Thank you ALRISHA for the tip!])
    details see below (all so in german)
  • Whatsapp (free?!? => despite the spy-on-customers-policy (Datenkrake) it is (even for me) easy to use and many do use it) [Again: Thank you ALRISHA for convincing us]
  • skype to call
  • Iridium Mail I hate this thing - look, feel and usability from the 1900s, settings not easy to find
  • Iridium go! I hate this thing - look, feel and usability from the 1900s, settings not easy to find

  • WPS Office to display word or OpenOffice or pdf documents
  • Perfect Viewer to display the tiff-weather-pictures we download via Iridium go!

  • Maps Me offline street maps
  • Here we go offline street maps
  • dict.cc offline translator / dictionary

  • Firefox Browser
  • Kixix the Wikipedia-offline reader (great for passages anyway)
  • VLC Video and Music Player

  • Total Commander file manager
  • CCleaner cleaner-programm
  • Android Assistant cleaner- and setup-programm
  • Anti Virus Security free
  • Depending on your phone country-settings you can not download every app in the App-Store!
    (e.g. seeing or downloading the full Version of PocketGrib was not possible for me, but Dagmar (with an US phone ?) had it already bought, so I installed here google-account additionally and now I have it also! Thank you!
  • Depending on your phone language-settings you can not read every comment in the app-store - comments in foreign languages are hidden
    (I added english, because some comments include a solution to problems!)


unten in deutsch!

Making phonecalls via mobileVOIP worldwide and cheap

For the download and registration you probably need a fairly good internet connection, after the setup you can make calls even with a mediocre internet connection
  • Download mobile VOIP app from the playstore or similar and register there with your simcard-telephone-number
    In my case I had to register with my active german simcard-phone number. After you registered with the app you do not need the simcard any more in your phone, you can even put another one in, as the phone calls are via internet.
    The phone number you registered with, can't be called by your phone via mobile VOIP afterwards by yourself.
  • Choose a provider out of the list in the app and open an account with them.
    I got the best deal with a provider from my country, as the numbers I intend to call are mostly in Germany as well.
    (You can find many providers beforehand in the internet and compare prices)
  • Upload money on your account (e.g. 10 Euros - a minute to Germany costs 0,1 cent! )
  • The app will log in automatically if the internet connection is good enough
  • Phone calls can work even with a relatively poor internet connection (we had trouble with skype so we changed to this app and it worked most times)
  • your existing phonebook will be used
  • Before you make a call the app will tell you the price per minute. (in French Polynesia I get with my local sim-card 27 min local-talk-time or 200MB data for 10US - this app consumes date and I can call locally or globally much, much longer than 27 min ...)
  • Talking is like on the VHF-Radio, one speaks and the other one listens (should be like this all the time:-) and vice versa (hard for multitasking wifes ???, easy for men ??? :-))

mobileVOIP App auf dem Smartphone

Voice over IP = kostengünstige Telefonie überall hin mit einem Android-Smartphone, ohne Smartphone-Zwang beim Gegenüber (auf Festnetz oder mobil)

So gehts:
  • MobileVOIP App kostenlos runterladen, dort registrieren per simcard.
    D.h. es muss eine aktive simcard im Telefon sein, in meinem Fall musste ich eine deutsche Telefonnummer registrieren, also meine Handynummer zur simcard. Achtung: diese kann ich danach nicht per VOIP anrufen, sie dient nur zur Registrierung.
    Danach muss diese simcard nicht mehr im Telefon sein, es läuft ja dann alles über Internet.
  • in der APP einen VOIP Provider aus der Liste vorschlagen lassen und auswählen
    (Anbieter können vorher im Internet verglichen werden, am preiswertesten sind Anbieter aus dem gleichen Land wie die simcard der Registrierung)
  • dort Konto anlegen und per Kreditkarte oder anderen Zahlungsmöglichkeiten Geld aufladen
    (Mit 10E pro Jahr kommt man schon ziemlich weit - eine Minute von FP nach Germanien kostet 0,1 cent!!!)
  • Automatisches Einloggenwenn man die App aufruft, loggt diese normalerweise automatisch ein, wenn eine ausreichend gute Internetverbindung vorhanden ist und man muss nicht jedesmal die Logindaten eingeben
  • Kostentransparenzwenn man einen Kontakt auswählt, um anzurufen, teilt die App vorher mit wieviel die Minute kosten wird
  • Achtung: das Sprechen funktioniert im Simplexmodus wie am Funkgerät (und im richtigen Leben ??:-), einer spricht und der andere hört, es können nicht beide gleichzeitig sprechen
  • Ein Anruf benötigt weniger Bandbreite als Skype!
  • Uns anzurufen geht auch über die mobile APP oder über ein normales Telefonnetz

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