Taitonga - Fixed Sprayhood for Ovni 395

by Benjamin Ponroy - The "Boatwhisperer" of Seville, Puerto Gelves

Maßanfertigung einer Windschutzscheibe

We bought our boat without a Bimini and a Sprayhood. We only found a 10cm metalconstruction to which we were able to attach the fixed sprayhood in an Hallberg-Rassy-Style.
The frame-construction is glasfiber, which holds the special-plastic-glas with stainless steel screws and nuts.

1 Sprayhoodentwurf.jpg 2 Rohbau.jpg
3 Rohbau.jpg Sprayhood_03.JPG
Sprayhood_17.JPG Sprayhood_24.JPG

19.04.2012: Feedback on the fixed sprayhood, after using it for 6 months:
We are very happy with the fixed sprayhood!
We now discovered a few points that I would do as an improvement:
  • Integrate tubes into the structure for LED-lights, loudspeakers, sockets etc.
  • Get tiedownpoints for fixing the canvassprayhood if not used
  • Do the Frontpart even higher so that the canvassprayhoood would only have one arch, instead of two
  • Do the middlepart of the canvassprayhoood not flat, but like a roof, so the water can not build up a little lake
  • The fitting for getting the canvas onto the fixed sprayhood should be outside and not on top of the structure => that is maybe not looking most elegant, but so the water will not find it´s way onto the hatchdoor (or if the hatch is open dripple onto the stairs!)

  • 02.01.2013: Feedback on the fixed sprayhood, after using it for more than 12 months:
    We are still very happy with the fixed sprayhood!
    We did tiedownpoints for fixing the canvassprayhood if not used
    Furtheron we discovered that due to the hot weather in the caribbean it would be good to have the possibility to open or remove the centerwindow to get more of a cooling breeze into the cockpit
    One of the fastenings of the metallarch for the canvas broke => plasticthings from "Lalizas" => Carry some as a spare or get them done in stainless steel (we have to live with a repair for the next few month ...)

    We saw another ovni with a fixed bigger sprayhood including a fixed roof. That was Ben´s first suggestion for us, but we liked it more open. Today we would dig much deeper into Ben´s first idea of a "little deckshouse" where you even can fix some solarpanells on the roof. It would make the canaskjob for the sprayhood easier too and it would be easier to close the gab between Bimini and Sprayhood or to create a dodger against moskitos and rain at anchor.

    Despite we like it very open we never took away the bimini, but we often sail with the Sprayhood down => Many choices => many pro and cons
    => Nevertheless I am really, really glad that Ben did a wonderful job for us!

    23.04.2015: Feedback on the fixed sprayhood, after using it for more than 3 years:
    We are still very happy with the fixed sprayhood!
    We did no improvements or had to repair something!
    Because of the expierence with rainy-season in Panama we now would go with an even bigger fixed sprayhood including a window and a fixed roof, just to the beginning of the bimini!

    => still one ocasion of the best spend money on gear => great job!

    10.02.2017: still great
    => only the attached canvas starts to degrade and the flexible windows in the canvas got blind => today I would go with a bigger fixed sprayhood !!!


    Sprayhoodtiedowns - Just a longer screw with pan-head, 2 plastic-washer, a nut, a little bit of a strap and shockcord

    Benjamin Ponroy did following for us and our Ovni 395, and we are very happy with him and his expirienced, accurate work.

  • Design and installation of the fixed Windscreen / fixed sprayhood (see fotos below)
  • Modification of one of the aft-cabins to a storageroom
  • Installation and modification of the Bimini
  • Antifouling
  • Check of rigg, motor, radar, windlass, pumps, watercircuit and electric
  • AIS-Installation
  • Kitchenwindow-Replacement
  • and lots of little improvements
  • He is an allroundcraftsmann and carpenter, who knows when to consider an expert and he has good contacts (some of the other boats came to Sevilla, Marina Gelves for the whole winter, because of his services!).
    Through his expiriences he sees little things, which can cause big problems and takes care of them. He is very solution- and customerorientated.
    We like his helpful, straight foreward attitude and thinking before acting, which means taking the complete system into consideration!

    We can absolutely recommend him!

    Bens contact details:

    Telefon: +34 644204505
    Sevilla, Puerto Gelves, Spain

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