Taitonga - Watchsystem / Securityguidelines

How we run the boat


Our watchsystem:
At night:
3 hours as a guidemark, depending of the individual fitness (Less if not convienient, more if convienient).
At daylight:
More or less the same as at night BUT much more flexible (so the watchcaptain might change in minutes, because normally we are awake)

With wind and swell not too high we do not have to wear safetybelts in the cockpit (not even at night).
Generelly no one is allowed to leave the cockpit without safetybelt, except with anouncement.
At night generally no one is allowed to leave the cockpit without safetybelt and the free watch has to be waken up!
Sharp-Lookout at least every 15 min, depending on the traffic and sightings sometimes every 5 Minutes or less (e.g. in the strait of Gibraltar).
But sometimes even a longer intervall, when we are in the middle of nowhere (On the atlanticpassage with often did only a hourly-check => Risk is then sailing- and fisherboats with no AIS-Transponder (we have an active-AIS now!!!))

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